viru join tx

SouL new players, Viru joining Tx??

Just after getting eliminated from the semi-finals team SouL had made an official statement where they had told they would be making a complete new lineup and tryout other players. When asked about the players it was said that there were 6 players for the tryouts and the final 4 were yet to be decided. There were rumours going on around that 2 of these players were Akshat and Omega seeing their drop locations and the same was officially announced that they were traded from Chemin Esports. Also another player that was revealed was during the aftermath event of Battlegrounds Mobile India where Goblin was seeing playing from team Soul. The fourth and the last players is believed to be Hector but it is still not assured.

Well while talking about rumours, there were rumours that after a disappointing performance in BGIS, Team X Sprak had ultron leaving the lineup because of the synergy issues and when asked upon the same the esports player denied saying this was not happening. But latter we got an offical statement on the Team X Sprak's instagram page where the bid adieu to Ultron.

Another rumours were around that Viru would join them as their 4th player and the same was confirmed on Mayzy's stream where Goldy bhai revealed it. This lineup of Scout,Mavi,Gill and Viru had an history of achieving #2 positon in the Pubg Mobile World League and lets see whether they could dominate the same way they dominated in the past.

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