Godlike squad for pmgc

Godlike Going To PMGC After Being At 4th position at BGIS FINALS

PMGC had a slot for the winners of the BGIS tournament and that slot was acquired by Skylightz Gaming by winning the tournament. But after the very end of the tournament there were rumors' that from the Godlike would be going to PMGC to represent India. And the rumors' came to be true.

The organizers had asked all the top 16 teams to get their documents ready like passports, visas and all the other required documents by a date which the top 3 teams had failed to submit or they were late. Team Godlike had submitted all their documents and it is known that the other top 3 teams had passport issues. This news was first covered where Analyst and Caster Ocean Sharma received a call from the organizers telling him that Godlike would be going to PMGC because the other top 3 teams failed the required criteria.

Goldlike Lineup had to have 6 players and these are the 6 player going to Dubai for the PMGC event :

1. Jonathan
2. Neyoo
3. Clutchgod
4. Zgod
5. Saumraj ( taken as a loan from Skylightz Gaming)
6. Ghatak

Also Ocean Sharma is also taken as a loan from the Skylights Gaming as a analyst for Godlikes team for PMGC.

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