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Insane kickstart to Villager Esports Winter Masters

What an unbelievable start to the Rivalry Esports presents Villager Esports Winter Masters. We saw some insane gameplay from the 16 team that had clinged their spots in the Grand Finals. We missed out in Day 1 but we are here with the action packed matches that occurred in Day 1 as well as Day 2.

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Overall Standings After Day 3 Of BGIS FINALS

A very chaotic Day 3 of the BGIS Grand Finals. With Team XO still heating its number 1 position we did not see much changes in the top 8 teams. As per our previous blog we suggested that teams at the top might just change their positions amongst themselves. Our predictions came to be true where top 6 teams maintained their positions and team on 7th and 8th position changed.