soul qualifies for bgis semi-finals after being eliminated in quarter finals

Team SOUL makes into the Semi-Finals of BGIS

Breaking! Team Soul enters into the semi-finals of the on going Battlegrounds Mobile India Series after being eliminated from the quarter finals Day 4.

The Quarter Finals of the tournament started from 2nd of Jan and continued till 5th of Jan. A total of 64 teams were playing the quarters where they were divided into 4 groups consisting of 16 team each. A total of 32 teams with big names were invited out of which only 14 teams made their ways to the semis.

The Final day for the quarter finals ended  on 5th of Jan and the top 6 teams that qualified for the semis were :

1.  Godlike Esports96 points
2. Tactical Esports83 points
3. 4 Heroes82 points
4. Enigma Gaming61 points
5. Team X Lions54 points
6. R Esports54 points

Team Soul were at the 7th position with 49 points. Soon after the matches were over there were rumors that team 4 Heroes were found violating rules of the tournament. They somehow managed to register as 2 different teams (Team 4 Heroes and Team Purple Mafias) and had the same player playing from them. When team 4 Heroes took a chicken dinner a player from their team came for an interview and he was totally a different person. It is to be believed that Team 4 heroes had an internal dispute and a member from their team disclosed everything to the members of Team Soul and they immediately sent the proofs to the organisers.

As a result the next very day the investigation was over and Team 4 Heroes and Team Purple Mafias were disqualified from the tournament making way for Team Soul to enter BGIS Semi finals from 7th position.

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