Overall Standings After Day 3 Of BGIS FINALS

A very chaotic Day 3 of the BGIS Grand Finals. With Team XO still heating its number 1 position we did not see much changes in the top 8 teams. As per our previous blog we suggested that teams at the top might just change their positions amongst themselves. Our predictions came to be true where top 6 teams maintained their positions and team on 7th and 8th position changed.

Here are the standings after Day 3 :

1. Team XO224 points
2. TSM212 points
3. Skylightz Gaming201 points
4. Godlike Esports162 points
5. OR Esports155 points
6. Hyderabad Hydras154 points
7. Revenant Esports144 points
8. Reckoning Esports139 points
9. Udog India135 points
10. Enigma Gaming116 points
11. 7Sea Esports103 points
12. Team X Spark102 points
13. Tactical Esports93 points
14. Old Hood Esports85 points
15. The Supari Gang83 points
16. R Esports46 points

Today we saw Team Udog sliding to 9th position where as Revenant Esports came to 7th position.

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