Who Is The Winner Of BGIS FINALS !?


Finally after a roller-coaster ride of the past 3 days have come to an end today and we have witnessed the First ever champions of the Battlegrounds Mobile India and its none other than SKYLIGHTZ GAMING. Having stayed in the top 5 Skylightz won the tournament by a minor difference of 3 points from TSM. Each of the qualified teams performed very well and we also got to see a lot of underdog teams making their name in the Esports community.

We would get to the points table later but first we would like you tell you about all the awards received in this tournament :


1. ChampionsSkylightz Gaming(₹5000000) and the only invited slot from India in PMGC.
2. MVP of the TournamentGODLNEYOO₹100000
3. The Rampage FreakSG SAUMRAJ₹50000
4. Most Finishes By A SquadGODL₹50000
5. The Lone RangerSG SAUMRAJ₹50000
6. The RedeemerGODLZGOD₹50000


The top 5 teams of the Tournament were :

1. Skylightz Gaming273 points (₹5000000) 
2. Tsm270 points (₹2500000)
3. Team XO244 points (₹1000000)
4. Godlike Esports 230 points (₹3000000)
5. 7Sea Esports195 points(₹200000)


And the rest of the standings are below :

6. Hydrerabad Hydras194 points
7. OR Esports189 points
8. Revenant Esports185 points
9. Reckoning Esports 184 points
10. Enigma Gaming184 points
11. Udog India183 points
12. Team X Spark142 points
13. Old Hood Esports126 points
14. Tactical Esports120 points
15. The Supari Gang95 points
16. R Esports                60 points

With this we have come to end of our tournament and hope you have enjoyed reading all the news here on NewsPanda.
Stay tuned for more updates.


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