Neyoo Apologizes for Payal’s Controversy | Saumraj reacts on Enigma Saggy Hacking

(image credits: Phoneocean Youtube)

Neyoo who was involed recently in a controversy stating that female content creators who are not esports athletes are gaining fame and kind of targeted Payal gaming. Payal did not respond much but she started getting hate from the audience. Neyoo came live and stated that he apologizes for whatever he said and asked his audience not to give hate to anyone and said he would not be anymore involved in any more controversy.

Recently there were allegations on Enigma Saggy where he was seen hacking on stream and eventually and Saumraj reacted saying that his old teammates would have known about the incident and he had suspected Enigma one month ago as their gameplay turned out be different suddenly. They slamed everywhere and their player positioning and their kills were suspicious. But after Saggy was caught on stream he was removed from the team. Saumraj also stated that he knows people who sells different kind of hacks where only the person playing will get to know the positions of the player through the hack but the in pov would seem normal.

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