Winner of Villager Esports! Jonathan again MVP?? Grand Finals at Villagers Esports Winter Masters

(image credits : Villager Esports)

Day 5 we saw the Enigma gaming jumping to the top position with a comfortable 316 points and it was impossible for any other to beat them for the first position. Well on the final day we saw different winners but it was Enigma gaming who were crowned the Champions at Villager Esports Winter Master. 

The 6 matches played and the results of those matches are as listed below:

Miramar – Godlike Esports (17 finishes)

Erangle – Chemin Esports (11 finishes)

Miramar – Team Forever (10 finishes)

Erangle – Chemin Esports (6 finishes)

Miramar – Skylightz Gaming (9 finishes)

Erangle – Team INSANE Esports (14 finishes)


Enigma Gaming were the winners of the Winter Masters with 367 points winning 6 out of 16 games played. We saw Team Forever comeback as they were on the 2nd spot with 319 points.

We had the top fragger list too and it is listed below:

  1. GodLJonathan – 59 finishes
  2. TsmNinjaJod – 51 finishes
  3. EnigmaSAGGY – 47 finishes
  4. ORAditya – 46 finishes
  5. SGxGAMLABOYYYY – 44 finishes
  6. SouLAkshat – 44 finishes
  7. EnigmaEggy – 43 finishes
  8. INSANExSAYYAM – 43 finishes

The price pool was of total Rs 15,00,000 and was distributed as follows

Enigma gaming – Rs 7,00,000 (Champions)

Team Forever – Rs 3,50,000 (Runners up)

Skylightz Gaming – Rs 1,50,000 (2nd Runners up)


Jonathan was again awarded the MVP title and also a price money of Rs.1,00,000.

The Overall Points Table was as follows :


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