Velocity Gaming wins Val-Classico against Global Esports for the VCC Stage 1

History has been made where velocity Gaming wins Val-Classico for the VCC 2022 Stage 1

The Grand Finals of the VCC day 1 started on 25th of Feb where the top 4 teams (Global Esports, Velocity Gaming, Enigma Gaming & Team Exploit) who qualified for the finals were to face each other. 

The matches were played for the Upper Bracket semi-finals in a B03 (Best of 3 Maps) and the first matches were between Global Esports vs Engima Gaming where GE won (2-0) without the 3rd map being played. The second match was between Velocity Gaming vs Team Exploit where velocity Gaming won (2-1). 

We were to witness Val-Classico for the Upper Bracket Finals where we saw Velocity taking up against GE and winning it (2-1). The 2nd match was of the Lower Bracket final which was played between GE and Enigma where Enigma had come after defeating Team Exploit in the Lower Bracket Semi-Finals. GE defeated Enigma with a easy victory of (2-0). And we were to witness the Val-Classico.

The top 2 team who qualified for the VCC APAC Playoffs were team Velocity Gaming and Team Global Esports. Both of them were to play a BO5 (Best of 5 matches). The maps and scores of the matches were:-

1. Breeze(13-8) VLT won
2. Split(13-5) GE won
3. Icebox(13-7) VLT won
4. Bind(13-8) GE won
5. Haven(13-11) VLT won

The MVP was awarded to DeathMaker and there was a total price pool of $30000. The money was distributed the teams as follows:-

1. Velocity Gaming


2. Global Esports


3. Enigma Gaming


4. Team Exploit



So this was all from our side we wanted you to know about VCC 2022 Stage 1. Make sure to tune to NewsPanda for regular updates.

(Image Credit – Nodwin Gaming)


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