vlt playoffs

South Build Esports dominates Velocity Gaming to qualify for the APAC Playoffs

(Image Credits : VLT's Instagram)

Indian hopes shatter as VLT looses to South Build Esports in the lower brackets and did not qualify for the playoffs.

The 1st match that was played was of Ascent and VLT were defending the first half and had a good score of 8-4. Now when South Built Esports went to defend the map they played amazingly and they managed to defend VLT by 11-13.

Fans still had hope that VLT could make a comeback in the 2nd match that was Haven which is considered to be their territory. But, the hopes of the fans were crushed by the South Build Esports where they dominated the map and easily won with a score of 13-6.

Nevertheless, our teams both Global Esports and Velocity Gaming held our country's head high and we from the team of NewsPanda wish both the team luck for their future matches. We know what both the teams have in themselves and they could make India proud. 



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