SouL registers for BMOC?? Regaltos in 8bit? Viru & Gill did a mistake leaving Tx Spark?

Talking about BMOC a big main event after BGIS, it is going to be a 6 man lineup, it was a topic of discussion for the fans as SouL's roster had only 4 man lineup that it Akshat,Hector,Omegaa and Goblin. Recently when Mortal was like on youtube, he was asked who are the 6 players who had registered for BMOC. To which he replied that the fans need not to worry and the 4 man had been registered and the rest 2 we will get to know later.

Also Talking about BMOC, fans are wondering would Regaltos(part of former SouL) would he playing the major event after missing BGIS. When he was asked about the same, he said he is definetly going to be a part of the event and in which team he would go we would have to see. But it is rumoured that he is going to be part of Team 8bit or Team Brawlers as he was seen playing scrims with the two teams. We would have to see which team he goes.

Another news that is heated up in the community is that did Gill and Viru did a big mistake leaving Team X Spark. Gill and Viru had decided to part ways with TX stating issues regaring device,salaries and etc. They both joined Team Godlike and Viru was seen playing for a few matches with the main lineup for GodL and Viru was in GodL's academic lineup. Both of them were not seen playing with the lineup and do you guys think they both did a mistake leaving a lineup that was #2 in the world league?? Do let us know in the comment sections.

Thats is for today, we would come back to you with another breaking news. Till then stay tuned to NewsPanda.


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