SouL Downfall !! Godlike and Forever's Comeback | Day 3 at Villager Esports' Winter Masters

With 18 matches played in total, Day 3 was a day of comebacks and some setbacks. We saw downfall of Team SouL as they moved down to the 2nd page of the top teams. We also saw the comback of Team Forever, Godlike Esports and who would forget Orangutan who had comeup with 3 chicken dinners in a single day and climbed at the top of the table. 


With a total price pool of ₹15,00,000 team are already ripping apart each other. We saw some major changes in the points table as some teams didnot perform as per expectation or they they should have. 


Coming towards the matches played today, 6 matches were played with the first match being played in Erangle and was won by 7Sea Esports with 11 finishes and the rest of the matches and the winnerd were as follows: 


Miramar - Team Forever (12 finishes)

Erangle  - Orangutan (11 finishes)

Miramar - Orangutan (6 finishes)

Erangle - Global Esports (12 finishes)

Miramar - Orangutan (6 finishes) 


Post 18 matches this is how the Points Table looked like:

(Image credits – Villager Esports)

(Image Credits – Villager Esports)


We also saw the top fraggers and the player at the top is none other than GodLJonathan who has been the mvp of each and every tournament and he is back again taking the spot. 


Top Fraggers :

1. GodLJonathan - 31 finishes

2. CesDestro - 28 finishes

3. TsmNinjajod - 27 finishes

4. TsmAquaNox - 26 finishes

5. 7SeaPrince - 26 finishes

6. SGxGamlaboyyy - 23 finishes

7. ORAditya - 23 finishes

8. EnigmaSAGGY - 22 finishes



With this we have come to the end of Day 3 and lets see which teams for the second page are able to make a comeback. Till then dont forget to tune in to Newspanda for daily updates.


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