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Scout and Jonathan to play again after 2 years??

(image credits - scout's instagram) (scoutop)

Breaking Scout and Jonathan to play again after 2 years.

Amidst the entire chaos that had been there between Scout and the member of team Godlike(earlier Tsm). Fans had been immensly waiting for Scout and Jonathan to play together as they loved watching them together! Jonathan and scout had earlier played together before the pubg mobile had banned. There was a so called rift between players because of the toxicity that their fans had.

Earlier when recently another controversy took place where Viru and Gill join Team Godlike, in their introduction video they were seen throwing away Tx's jersey(Scout's team) and that was not appreciated by fans all over and a huge controvery brokeout. Still between these things Jonathan and Scout were spotted hanging out together and now just a few minutes ago Scout shared a link on his instagram profile of his youtube channel.

Scout youtube channel : 

Make sure you go and show immense supports to your favourite players and watch for favourite duo play together on Scout'  youtube channel today sharp at 9pm.

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