Mortal and Viper Playing BMCO???

BMCO the next big main event for BattleGrounds Mobile India is just about to kick off and The Day 1 has already concluded. We saw teams giving their best performances. Teams like XO, SouL dominated all the matches they played getting 10-15 finishes in almost everygame. We saw Team X Spark coming back in their form where we saw same insane rotations and good fights.

Talking about teams 6 players had been registered from each team and every team had almost 5 to 6 players and SouL had only 4 players. Recently when asked about team SouL's two players after the main lineup Mortal on his stream said that it was to be a secret and 8bit Thug on his stream also said that the players who have registered might be seen playing somewhere and it would be too exciting for the fans. Yesterday, finally Mortal revealed on his stream that Mortal and Viper had registered themselves as 5th and 6th player apart from the main lineup( Hector,Goblin,Akshat and Omega).

Mortal said that they would play if the spaceships fly high. It would be very exciting for the fans to see Mortal's comeback and Viper too again playing for SouL. That was it for today and stay tuned to NewsPanda as we cover other spiced up news.


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