Insane kickstart to Villager Esports Winter Masters

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What an unbelievable start to the Rivalry Esports presents Villager Esports Winter Masters. We saw some insane gameplay from the 16 team that had clinged their spots in the Grand Finals. We missed out in Day 1 but we are here with the action packed matches that occurred in Day 1 as well as Day 2.

Day 1 would was very appreciated by the fans as we saw teams ripping apart each other. Talking about Day 1, 6 matches were played and the chicken dinners were as follows: 

Erangle - Global Esports 

Miramar - 7Sea Esports

Erangle - Global Esports

Miramar - Celcius FTW

Erangle - SouL

Miramar - Orange Rock (OR) 


But the overall standing were not as you think were the table toppers. The top position was acquired by Tsm who went on a rampage acquiring 100 points in Day 1 with 55 finishes. 

Now, moving to Day 2 we saw some different winners compared to Day 1. Again 6 matches were played and the chicken dinners were as follows: 


Miramar - Team XO

Erangle - Celcius FTW

Miramar - Enigma Gaming

Erangle - Orangutan

Miramar - Team 8bit

Erangle - Global Esports 




There was not much of a change in the table toppers but you still dont want to miss out the overall standings after Day 2 with 12 matches played. 6 matches each day.

1. TSM133 points
2. Enigma Gaming130 points
3. Celsius FTW108 points
4. Skylightz Gaming102 points
5. SouL99 points
6. Global Esports95 points
7. 7Sea Esports93 points
8. Godlike Esports92 points
9. OR Esports85 points
10. Team 8bit83 points
11. Orangutan 82 points
12. Chemin Esports76 points
13. Team Insane Esports71 points
14. Team XO68 points
15. Hyderbad Hydras67 points
16. Team Forever65 points














We also had the list of top fraggers after day 2 was concluded:

  1. TSM NINJAJOD – 24 finishes
  2. 7SEA PRINCE – 24 finishes
  3. TSM AQUANOX – 21 finishes
  4. ENIGMA SAGGY – 19 finishes


So, this was it for now as we have concluded 2 days of the Rivalry Esports presents Villager Esports' Winter Masters. 

Make sure you tune in to Newspanda in the evening as we conclude Day 3 today itself.


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