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Breaking Team SouL announces its most awaited lineup!!

After getting eliminated in the Semi Finals of the Battleground Mobile India, Team SouL had decided to make a new lineup. We saw players playing from different id naming SouLplayer1, SouLplayer2, SouLplayer3, etc. As per our previous blogs we had confirmed the arrival of Akshat and Omega as they were traded from Chemin Esports and we saw Goblin playing with Mortal in and official bgmi event.


The biggest mystery was who was SouLPlayer3, we had heard rumours that Hector who was seen playing from Entity was to join the team and the rumours turned out to be true where the lineup was announced officially on S8UL youtube channel just about an hour ago.

(Image credits: S8UL Youtube Page)

Video Link:


With this we bid adieu, comeback to your Newspanda soon as soon as we bring back a new content.


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