the grind day 2


(Image Credits: Battlegrounds Mobile India Youtube Channel)

Its Day 2 at the BMCO The Grind Qualifiers. The first map that was played was Erangle between Group C and Group D. The first match was won by True Rippers with 14 finishes. An insane dominated match where True Rippers dismantled everyone. 

The Second match that was played was Miramar and was played between Group B and Group B. We saw Godlike's early elimination that put surely affect their position in the points table. Hyderbad Hydras did play well and got about 13 finishes but Revenge Esports took away the chicken dinner with just 4 finishes. 

The third match to be played was Sanhok and was played between Group B and Group C. A match that was completed in a very short time. We saw granades everywhere flying across the map and team Orange Rock went for heal battle helping them secure 2nd position. Team TSM won the match with 14 kills. 

Fourth match to be played was Erangle and was played between Group A and Group D. An Early elimination for Skylightz Gaming where landed on the same compound with Global Esports. A few knocks and then Globals defeats Skylightz. Team SouL get a chicken dinner with 16 insane kills. They cleared multiple teams with on point greanads and good aim fights. 

Fifth match that was played was Miramar between Group A amd Group C. True Rippers lost 3 men early fighting against Team SouL. DeltaPG from Chemin Esports went on a rampage. And the match was won by Team Mayhem with 8 finishes. 

The last match of the day was played in Erangle between Group A and Group B. Chemin Epsorts who went on a rampage in the last match faced a early elimination by Team SouL. And Team SouL lost their 2 players in a third party fight and the remaning two players went on to take the team in the 2nd position as they were eliminated by Chicken Rushers getting a chicken dinner with 12 finishes. 


The points table after 2nd Day of The Grind are:


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