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9-3 still a curse for VLT??? Can they still qualify for APAC Playoffs??

A major setback after Velocity Gaming fails to qualify for the playoffs in the upper brackets against Full sense. Do you think VLT still stands a chance to qualify for the playoffs?

9-3 scoreline is still a curse for VLT as they lost their first map of Haven where they completely dominated. Haven was the first map that was played between Velocity and Full Sense and Velocity was to attack first. During the attack Vlt clearly dominated and cudos to Rite2ace and Vibhorr for completed outplaying their opponents and securing rounds for their teams single handedly. They started off really well in first half and switched to 9-3 to defend. Haven is considered to be an attacking map and Full Sense showed us that. Fs won the first round and then there was no looking back. The match went on a overtime and ended in the favour of FS securing a victory of 14-12.

The next map to be played was of Split which was picked by FS and they dominated VLT by winning a map by 13-3 leaving fans and everyone at absolute shock.

Veocity gave it a nice try representing our city at an international stage. And fans should not loose hope as they still stand a chance to qualify for the through lower brackets today facing SouthBuild sharp at 3pm IST on Youtube and Twitch on Nodwin Gamings's Youtube Channel.

Lets show our support to our team and cheer them. Thats it for today and we come back tomorrow!

Till then stay tuned to NewsPanda.


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